With all the craziness of moving to a new city and adjusting to a new farm and setting up a new tiny kitchen, I haven't been too inspired in the cooking department lately (with the exception of the semi-regular homemade pizza endeavors)...which is a shame, because I signed up for an online creative photography class to help me get better shots of my creations. Since it started, though, I have barely made anything deserving of a photo sesh.

I'm still kind of awkward with my camera and embarrassed of stalling a meal in order to stage a yummy shot. In public, I'm shy and lazy. I don't like taking the time to set up a good frame or adjust my settings, which leaves me with a lot of so-so images.

I'm learning that to learn to be a good photographer, I've got to take a lot of bad photos. Then I have to look at all my bad photos and figure out what went wrong. I don't like being bad at things and I certainly don't like revisiting my mistakes, so it's been a slow process. 

A trip to the WIllamette valley last weekend gave me an excuse to practice while Zach caught up with his dad and long lost cousin. It was a pretty magical day with nice overcast lighting, so the practice was actually enjoyable. When my obliging models and I stumbled upon a camp-themed wine tasting event, it got downright fun. The teepees, s'mores, and artisanal meats cooked over a fire were basically begging to be photographed. A few of those photos even turned out nice. 

(Oh, and a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts, because it's basically mandatory if you're going to be in Portland.)